Quote of the Day

This quote sent to us by Kelly Davis of Madison Park Primary School made our day.

When I grow up I am going to be a teacher, so I can get kids to solve all my problems.

Lots of ticks for Kelly, it sounds as though her problematized situations have ‘realiseren’. That means that the students can project themselves into the problematized situation. Kelly’s problem that led to this comment was a money problem related to what she wants to do in her garden.

Problematized situations are designed to provide contexts that engage students and can be presented in the narrative form. The contexts allow maths to be contextualized and connected and have multiple entry and exit points, which means that they work in classrooms where students are inevitably at different stages in their mathematical development.

Well done Kelly. We have sent you a complementary login to our online Problematized Situations course. Enjoy and post lots of comments.

Great weekend everybody.