Seeing the Potential in Maths Picture Books

How many mathematical words and concepts might be embedded in a simple picture book such as Round and Round and Square, a book with between 0 and 14 words on a page?

The answer is more than 20. Where else could you find 20 mathematical terms used in context? The answer is pretty much only in other equally rich picture books.

Towards a Vocabulary List

A few years ago, I began putting Post-it notes into the front of my maths picture books. This was in response to articles that I read about the extent to which an enriched maths vocabulary could predict maths success down the track. Positional language was thought to be a good predictor and it seems that some students enter school with as few as 6 positional words in their vocabulary whereas some have as many as 400. I am building a list of positional words but have not got to 400 yet although every time I open a picture book I do add the positional words in it to the list.

My work continues. In a Spot book recently, I found the word amongst; what a beautiful word, and no, it had not made it onto the list yet.

I have opened the front of the book Round and Round and Square to show you what I mean. The Post-it notes are what I had written and stuck into the front of this book. I actually think the Post-it notes exemplify the richness and possibilities of immersing students in maths or other picture books.

Try the Post-it approach for one or two books to see how rich they are and what vocabulary treasures are hidden within them. Next time I will revisit this book to talk about its other possibilities. Have fun with your books, there is more between the covers than at first appears.

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Have great week!