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Snakes in problematised situations?

Published 11 months ago by Ann Baker

I was in a classroom recently and I was thinking of ways to help students become familiar with problematised situations. Looking around the classroom, I was searching for a meaningful context that I could create a problematised situation from

...when I spotted this snake.

Snake problematise sit2

Inspired ...

The problem

A class that I saw recently had made snakes just like this.
One group told me that they had made six snakes
They said three snakes had 22 diamonds on them
Two snakes had 25 diamonds on them and the other one had 20.
They asked how many diamonds was that altogether?

The range of skills and knowledge demonstrated by the Grade 1/2 class was broad and included:

Of course, as always, I provided a Sting in the Tail for those looking for more challenge ...

There were four other groups and their snakes were the same. How many diamonds was that altogether?

What would you and your class do with a snake stimuli?

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