Too Many Ideas

We have recently finalized our Special Numbers Unit of Work that is focused on Year 6 ACMNAI22. We ended up with too many investigations to be able to include them all. The following consecutive prime number investigation is one of those that we had to miss out  and we have included it here as a freebie for you. We like it and hope that you will too.

Click me to see the whole activity!

Factors and multiplies are a central part of investigating the properties of special numbers, (square, composite, triangular and prime), and yet many Year 6 students do not have the requisite multiplicative thinking or correct vocabulary to engage fully in identifying a multiplication, usually based on visual images, such as arrays and cannot describe arrays and the area model in terms of their factors. They also do not fully understand the relationship between division and multiplication facts. This makes finding factors, multiples and prime factors or using rules of divisibility really hard for them.  If your students are struggling with multiplicative thinking, we recommend that you go and checkout our Building Multiplicative Strategies Bundle. And, of course, check out our new Special Numbers Unit, which is now available on the site.