During this online course you will learn how to:

  • implement fast, pacey, fun and mathematically rigorous mental routines,
  • identify differentiated, developmental target strategies for students,
  • create differentiated closed, open and flip questions targeted to specific learners,
  • explicitly use the mathematical vocabulary appropriate to the targeted strategies,
  • ‘notice’ how students think and arrive at answers and plan FLEs (focused learning episodes) and strategy lessons to move students forward,
  • develop students’ mathematical reasoning.

Why Mental Routines? Because of their power to engage students at all levels of Primary Schools, mental routines have been very well received by the teachers that we work with, who report substantial improvements in engagement, fluency and mathematical understanding. Mental routines not only give students the confidence to engage with mathematics, but also the vocabulary with which to formulate and work on mathematical problems. Mental Routines are the best way to start a maths lesson!