Tracking & Cookies

Last updated 8 months ago.

The Natural Maths website uses a single cookie (a small file stored by your web browser) to maintain your: Natural Maths login, cart, and course access (among other features that require an account). Using the Natural Maths website constitutes acceptance of this cookie. This cookie is identified as "_natural-maths_session". If you choose to have your web browser remember your login an additional cookie is stored, identified as "remember_user_token". Stripe and Cloudflare may also store cookies to identify your browser and ensure access security.

In an attempt to be as privacy friendly as possible, this website uses state of the art encryption of user data. In conjunction with this encryption, we never store any potentially compromising data about you, especially your credit card information which is handled through our payment processor (Stripe) then destroyed (hence why we need you to confirm your bank details each time you make a payment).

To provide the best possible content, we anonymously track usage of the Natural Maths website. However if you would prefer not to provide access feedback to Natural Maths you may block all our tracking systems through tools like Better & uBlock with no hard feelings.

Usage tracking:

  • At the time of writing, the Natural Maths website uses only Google Analytics as a third party use tracker.
  • In addition, we utilise the first-party analytics tool Mint (officially discontinued, but employed on this site) to gather important information about hit-count and key (anonymous) demographics.

Targeted advertising:

  • Natural Maths uses Facebook advertising on occasion to promote courses, professional development and products. While these messages may appear targeted based on your access of Natural Maths this is puerly based on your Facebook use habits, not your use of the Natural Maths website. We do not employ use of the Facebook Tracking Pixel (or other social network trackers).

If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.