Patterns with Blocks Year 1

It's easy to focus on creating, naming and extending patterns but deep understanding requires a problem solving approach as presented in this software.


About Patterns with Blocks Year 1:

This is an electronic booklet that you can download and which has a range of materials to support your teaching of patterns. You will find:

A Mental Routine:

Closed Question - “Where does my pattern unit begin/end/repeat?”
Open Question - I have used six blocks of two colours to make a repeating pattern, what might it look like?
Flip Question - Hidden Blocks game

Strategy Lessons

To give a rich coverage of this topic, our starting point is through strategy lessons, focusing on the language that your students should acquire as they work with patterns at this level. The strategy lessons are supported by software for the IWB which enables the teacher to set up patterns for exploration and the students to show the patterns that they have discovered.

Problem Solving Lessons

The problem solving lessons provide engagement, challenge and application of pattern language and concepts.The IWB software has a second function here, as it can be used as a reflection tool and to exemplify problem solving strategies.

Assessment Task

A summative assessment task and rubric concludes this pattern unit. The assessment task is set in an unfamiliar context, requiring students to apply pattern concepts as they work towards their solution of a problematised situation.

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The download file for this resource contains a PDF version of the Teacher Notes that is suitable for use on a PC or iPad. In addition there are several other resources that will support your teaching of patterns to Year 1 students.

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