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Angles and Triangles Mat

This mat is a tool for students when learning the names and properties of angles and triangles.


About this Mat 

Spatial reasoning can be improved for all students given sufficient support and exposure to the ideas. With this in mind the Angles and Triangles mat becomes an aide-memoire, a reference tool and workspace for exploring, constructing and transforming angles and triangles. Research suggests that it is not enough to work with static ideas of geometry, simply naming, identifying properties, measuring and labelling, rather, a more dynamic approach needs to be taken. That is, an approach where students have opportunities to visually imagine, construct, visually manipulate, rotate and transform shapes.

The mat is a resource for students to to refer to diagrams, labels and properties so that they can visually interpret, recall, manipulate, construct and transform the basic shapes.

 The Angles and Triangles Mat costs $4.50 and comes with a Teacher Guide that includes two Mental Routines and two Strategy Lessons.

Note: We have used the more recent vocabulary to describe triangles by their angles, such a a right triangle is one in \which there is a right angle. We feel this makes the link between angles and triangles more explicit.

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