Function Machine

Guess the rule that determines the input and output


How it Works

As you browse the Australian Mathematics Curriculum, you can't help but notice that Patterns and Algebra plays an important part at almost all levels. Another way of saying that you can spot a pattern in a sequence of numbers would be to say that you can describe the rule that is being used to go from one number to the next one. The Function machine software gives opportunities to understand a rule and to describe it in everyday, natural language. A one-level program couldn't be used to meet the needs of all ages, so we developed three levels:

  1. Lower Primary: Here the rules only use whole numbers and are used one at a time until the highest level, where the rules are multiplication followed by either addition or subtraction.
  2. Middle Primary: Here the rules include addition or subtraction of a decimal number and at the highest level the rule can be multiplication or division followed by addition or subtraction of a decimal.
  3. Upper Primary: Moving into algebra now, where the rules are expressed in the form y = 3x + 5.6. The rules that the program generates are the same as for Middle Primary, but you have to express the rules in algebraic terms. It's a great add-on to the Card Game which has been so successful in getting students started in the new world of algebra.
Function Machine is a series of three FLASH programs that run on a PC, Mac and iPad.The programs are compatible with every type of IWB.

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