Domino Maths for Parents – Day 4

More problems from our Hands-on with Dominoes series for you to enjoy with your child!

For the Early Years, we have chosen a problem that involves ordering six dominoes by their number of dots.Counting on features again as does yesterday’s goal to provide meaningful, and engaging, practice with number facts to 10. Placing numbers in order from lowest to highest is also a skill that needs attention.

For the Middle Years, we have chosen two odd-even investigations, and suggest you check that your child really does know the rules that two even numbers add to an even number, an even and an odd number add to an odd number and that an odd number and an odd number add to an even number.

Click here to download the pages for Ordering Dominoes. You’ll find that the teacher (read parent) notes are included for you to use as well. There is no absolute need print the pages, but you can if you want to.

Click here to download Even and Odd Totals. Again, there is no absolute need to print the pages for these domino challenge and accompanying notes, however they do help children to organise their thinking.

We do recommend that you join in the fun with these challenges, they could be quite entertaining for the whole family.