On the bookshelf

I was in Mt Gambier this week with teachers from three schools working on collaborative action research projects. It was a privilege to be part of such a professional group of educators working on the general theme as proposed by John Hattie, “Know thy impact”. And boy, are these teachers are having an impact!

While there, l found a book on a bookshelf and the title sucked me in. So, of course, I had to open it up and see what it was about.

It turns out to be a counting book with a difference. The maths theme is doubling and related ideas such as twice as much. The numbers of course grow quite quickly when doubling. The two pages below are not consecutive but give the flavour of the book.

It is a fun book and might well be in your school library. If not, I just found a second hand paperback copy online. Oops! Another book to squeeze into my collection!