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Decimal Value

It is imperative that students can count in decimal values and bridge from hundredths to tenths and tenths to whole numbers. Decimal value has been designed to meet this need.


About Decimal Value:

The coverage of this booklet and software ranges from simple counting in ones and tenths to enabling students to gain a deep understanding of the meaning of numbers beyond the decimal point. The software is based on that of the Place Value and Coin Mat programs both of which have a simple-to-use interface.

The mental routines can be used in conjunction with the mini-whiteboards provided in a .ppt file. After the students have made use of their mini-whiteboards in response to a challenge, the interactive whiteboard can be used to enable students to share ideas and to focus attention on the key aspects of decimal value. The Decimal Value booklet also gives 13 mental routines that give a broad coverage of place value topics in the Year 4, 5 and 6 levels of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.

On the accompanying CD you will find PowerPoint Slides for the mini-whiteboard and the related decimal value vocabulary for display during the mental routine as well as sentence starters for each Flip game

This product offers a free preview:
Download Preview

Digital Download Decimal Value is a Visual Basic program that runs on a PC. It is compatible with every type of IWB

More details:

In stock: Digital Product
Price: Individual price - $22.00 each

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